Fact. There’s no such thing as perfection in business, so it’s time to stop feeling bad about how you think you should ‘measure up’.

If, like us, you’ve failed to ‘materialise’ a Ferrari, and you’re not on a beach with your (mysteriously sand-proof) laptop, drinking Prosecco and running a multi-national with your diamond-encrusted digit, then join us in this safe haven.

Welcome to Goddess Toe – a podcast for imperfect entrepreneurs.

We’ll be sharing warts-and-all insights into indie entrepreneurship, with a big dose of humour. In business, it’s a struggle to figure it all out on your own. Join us for a dose of Goddess Wisdom, and down-to-earth banter.

We’ll be bringing the Goddess, not the B.S.

So what’s with the ‘toe’, you ask?

If you’ve a quirky second toe that’s longer than your first, then you’re the lucky owner of a Goddess Toe. The Greeks found such a toe to be aesthetically pleasing, and despite its imperfection, we believe it puts us one step ahead ; )

So, go on, dip your toe, and join us on the podcast.

Let us thrive despite the Gods!

Meet Cory

Cory Cook is the founder of Cory Cook Ltd, a time management, productivity and office organising consultancy. Cory works behind-the-scenes with successful, yet overwhelmed, business owners, so they can feel back in control of life and work. www.corycook.com is where you’ll find Cory’s tips, hacks, and insights into improving your time management, your environment and your energy, so you can elevate your business.

Meet Dr Cath

Dr Cath Spencer-Smith is a Sports Medicine Doctor, founder of Sportdoc London Ltd, and creator of Private Practice Ninja Limited. She teaches Doctors, Physios, Osteos and Surgeons the skills to help them to grow and market a really successful practice. Cath’s a high energy, no-nonsense Ninja, who’s passionate about helping Clinicians be better at business. You can find Dr Cath, and her helpful Ninja tactics at www.privatepracticeninja.co.uk

Thrive Despite the Gods

Get tips, tricks and goddess wisdom to help your business thrive.