Welcome to episode 10 of Goddess Toe!

How are you showing up in the online world? Where might you be going wrong in terms of how you represent yourself visually? Why you need to getting out there and be heard!

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How do you present your business and yourself in the online world?
How appropriate is your ‘sharing’ on social media sites?
The behind-the-scenes images you post online, and putting yourself in the best possible light
Why you need to look like you look online
LinkedIn profile picture what-not-to-do’s
Professional head shot photography
Live video production tips, and why ‘too shiny’ can actually take the shine off your production
Facebook Live, and why your should dip your toe into Instagram Live
Public speaking, and why you need a coach
Why you mustn’t underestimate the time you need for speech rehearsal
Don’t wait to be asked to speak at events