Welcome to episode twelve of Goddess Toe!

In this episode, we talk about disappointment in business – how it shows up, how we feel about it, and what we can do to pick ourselves up!

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What happens when a disaster hits your business, or you didn’t win a meaty contract?
When you’re too late to respond to someone reaching out, and you miss the boat
Business mojo sappers
Dealing with harsh or unfair reviews on social media
The discomfort of the boomerang conversation
The comparison trap, the green monster, and fraudy feelings when in the presence of peers
When to pivot and when to throw in the towel
Contingency planning, time buffers, safety netting and credit cards
Contracts, pocket lawyers, and Docusign
Pitty Party Method for overcoming disappointment
The danger of being ‘too unavailable’
Reframing negative comments, and when to reply (or not) to an unfair comment