Welcome to episode 13 of Goddess Toe!

In this episode, we talk about how to give in business, without giving away the barn. Subscribe to the show for more Goddess Wisdom!

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Do you need to give to get more?
The danger of coaching a client out of needing your services
People who don’t share
People who will never be your client, but who will always be your promoter
Why you don’t need to share your ‘KFC’ secret in order to still give
Not giving away the barn during your client session
Don’t stay too long at the fair, and how to set expectations with clients
Always leave ‘em wanting more
‘Fill up’ and satisfy potential clients by asking them lots of questions
Dealing with people who keep asking for freebies
Giving, the Universe and what we think of Karma
Don’t be the back scratcher who pushes for false reciprocity, and instead, be the promoter