Welcome to the fourteenth and final episode of series one of Goddess Toe!

In this last episode, we talk about superstitions and rituals, and how they can be a positive force in our business life. Season 2 returns on the 3rd of May 2018. Subscribe for further episodes of Goddess Wisdom!

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Your superstitious past, and how this influences your mindset
The ritual of changing up daily routines
Does Feng Shui have a role in business?
The curse of dropping your wallet
Rolling money, so that it comes back to you
Cory’s ritual of clapping up your corners to remove stagnant energy
FS27 start to the morning, setting up your desk, and the handbag purge and reload habit
Pre-competition rituals of athletes, and internal mental imagery to improve techniques
How the superstition of the 13th guest became a business strategy
Cultural beliefs in business, and the importance of being ritual-aware
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