Welcome to Episode 2 !

In this episode, Cory and Cath discuss the tendency to over-apologise, and how this puts us on a poor footing in business. They talk about common apology pitfalls and how to deal with obnoxious clients. Subscribe to the show for more Goddess Wisdom!

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The unnecessary apology
Why we shouldn’t apologise for asking for help from those in our employ
Apology ‘gazumping’ and the pitfall of ‘rescuing’ the apology giver
Clients who cancel
The unjust apology, and how to deal with angry or bang-out-of-order clients
Apologies that come in the form of the ‘indulgent confessional’
The serial apologiser, and abdication of responsibility
How to reframe your reaction to other people’s bad behaviour
Angry clients, ranting, and the tac-tics of mirroring speech and the broken record
Break the pattern of falling into apology pitfalls