Welcome to episode four of Goddess Toe!

Cory and Cath discuss the hype of ‘just do this and you’ll be a millionaire’, why Guru methods tend to fail us because of levers (and what to do about it), and how long it takes to be ‘known’. Subscribe to the show for more Goddess Wisdom!

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Why going ‘all-in’ on someone else’s business model, might not work for you
The problem with scaling and growth, when you don’t have a big team-machine
The success of successful people is often down to the success of others
Why we shouldn’t give up and pivot, just because our ‘Guru’ has
People pleasing, and the folly of marketing to ‘everyone’
The paradox of originality, and how you can make ‘done before’ work for you
The scheme of levers, and taking thirty months to be ‘known’