Welcome to episode nine of Goddess Toe!

In this episode, we’re talking about role models, particularly those we admire in business. We are joined by Goddess Guest and role model, Caroline Flanagan – inspirational speaker, coach, bestselling author and business owner.

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What do we admire in a role model, and why do we need them?
Business role models – Deborah Meaden, Mary Portas (and Kinky Knickers UK), and Dame Judi Dench
What we can learn from Madonna in terms of business strategy and sticking to your guns
Caroline’s smorgasbord of role models
Past experiences of female role models and their scarcity
Myths around role models and why we should question our assumptions about them
Why we shouldn’t look for the ‘perfect’ role model, whom we imagine would somehow be, the very best version of us
Why we should seek out those who have singular role model qualities that we admire
Tactics for approaching a potential mentor