Welcome to season two of Goddess Toe!

Timing in so important in business, but how do you know when is the best time to make your move, pitch for business, or even to plan your day’s activities? We explore it all here!

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The science behind perfect timing
Why for pitching for business and aiming for a best outcome, should be done in the morning
Daniel Pink’s thinking around ‘owls’, ‘larks’, and ‘third birds’
What is your natural wake up time?
Is it possible to change your chronotype, and become more ‘lark-like’
Different cycles of energy and how to match them to your particular chronotype
How long does it take you to do something, and why you should measure it
The myth of needing a large block of time in order to get started with projects
Making your projects bitesize
The Zeigarnik effect, and why you shouldn’t complete a task entirely
Signposting where you left off, to improve getting started again
The concept of the ‘business quickie’