Welcome to episode 2 of season 2!

Oi! You! Time to toughen up, business bitch!  (excuse our French – we mean it with love and compassion).  Today we’re talking about when, how, why , and when not to, toughen up in your biz.

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How joining a masterclass with ‘bigger hitters’ can help you up your game
When you mess up in business, there are 7.6 billion people in the world who don’t know what happened
Judge the work performance, not yourself
The ‘Annette Bening’ method
How observing someone else’s struggle can give you the impetuous to up your game
Resilience comes through regular feedback
The time that Cory cried in her goggles
Unsolicited feedback an versus qualified feedback
Are you playing a little too safe?
Own your less-than-desirable-outcomes to succeed
Mindfulness and the going to the ‘cave of your heart’