Welcome to Season 2, Episode 5 of Goddess Toe!

In this episode, we discuss how to banish the scruff, and why it’s important to Smarten Up for Business!

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Parisian chic and London feeling like the fashion graveyard of the world
Cory’s Serpentine creature from the black lagoon story
Self pride and respect for how we dress
When we don’t look how we did when we left home
Why grooming may be expensive, but should be considered as a (business) investment
Schedule your grooming to ensure it happens, (even if it needs to be in Paris)
Don’t let loyalty get in the way of finding the best hairdresser
Invest in your nails, not turmeric latte
Prince Charles’ nail biting
Makeup-ing on the tube, and the ‘bronzer elbow’
Investing in, and maintaining a good pair of shoes