Welcome to our last episode of season 2 of Goddess Toe!

How sure are you that someone could take over the reins of your business if something happened to you?

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Cath’s melting iPhone and Cory’s lost Wifi password
The vulnerability you feel when you don’t have your tech sorted
Having to start all over with a tech clean-sweep
Why you may be the weakest link if you’re the only person who knows what goes on in your business
Why having a ‘life and business manual’ for emergencies will lesson the burden for others
Why you should put together a ‘When biz shit hits the fan manual’
Listing the things you know for sure (Companies House, Insurance Policies, ICO)
Listing where the physical documents are stored
Storing digital company info and sharing it with those who need to know
Listing the processes of your business on a daily, weekly, and annual basis, and your direct debits